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Phil Wescott

A Coach for bodybuilding champions and everyday people.
Phil started competing at the age of 55, he particularly understands the older body.
His positive coaching and dedication to his clients make all the difference.
Phil reminds his clients, “Age is just a number. Live life with passion. Fitness is not a hobby, it’s a lifestyle.”



    Phil Wescott is passionate about educating and motivating individuals to become their best. Since 1976, Phil has coached clients to improve their health and fitness through training, nutrition, and living a healthy lifestyle.


    Building on his Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Physiology, deep knowledge, and over forty years of experience, Phil produces results. His positive focus on his clients has made him one of the most successful and sought-after trainers in the country.

    IFBB Pro


    At age 55, Phil decided to enter the world of competitive bodybuilding. In just five years, Phil hit the pinnacle of bodybuilding by earning his IFBB Pro Card. Phil, now sixty, is living proof that "age is just a number." An inspiration to all ages, Phil Wescott is truly an expert in his field.



    • 2017 - IFBB Pittsburgh Pro Masters Championships, 2nd Place
    • 2016 - Team Universe - 2nd Place Over 60 Class
    • 2016 - Masters Nationals 1st Overall over 60 Class Earned IFBB Pro Card
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    If you are interested in contest prep, training, nutrition, supplementation, or body transformation, you can reach us through the Contact Us page.


Bonnie Wescott

IFPA Certified Personal Trainer, Personal Coach, and Bodybuilder


    A passionate achiever in all aspects of her life, Bonnie inspires accountability and produces results. The results of her own committed efforts of the last five years include titles and placings in multiple classes.


    Bonnie is particularly dedicated to women over the age of fifty. As a successful competitor who came to the stage at the age of 58, Bonnie understands the demands of training and bodybuilding on women. Key to her philosophy is striking a healthy balance: home, work, gym, family, faith, friends—each has a role in supporting the successful woman athlete.



    Bonne Wescott empowers her clients in all aspects of their fitness journey. From the kitchen to the gym, her clients learn tasty nutrition, proper supplementation, targeted strength training, and personal motivation—through guidance customized to the goals and needs of each client.



    • 2017 - North American Bodybuilding Championships Open Lightweight Champion
    • 2016 - Masters National Women’s Physique over 60 3rd place
    • 2015 - Masters National Women’s Physique over 50 4th Place
    • 2015 - Masters National Women’s Physique over 60 2nd place
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    If you are interested in contest prep, training, nutrition, supplementation, or body transformation, you can reach us through the Contact Us page.

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Behind the Scenes of Team Wescott


Each program is customized to the client. No cookie-cutter services or contracts!
“You set the goal -- whether to compete at the highest level or to maintain your body’s full function and fitness
-- I will help you achieve it. No excuses, just results.”

Contest Prep

This package will prepare you in ALL aspects of contest preparation

Become Stage Ready with Weekly Evaluation and Coaching, including:

  • Comprehensive Evaluation and Assessment, both initial and ongoing
  • Complete Nutrition Plan, adjusted as needed through the prep
  • Supplement Recommendations
  • Posing and Presentation Guidance

Price: $125 a Month

One time Nutrition and Training Plan

You will recieve an Indivdualized plan based on your specfic goals

We review your previous training and dietary habits


Price: $49


Body Transformation Program

A 12-week results-oriented Program with emphasis on:

  • Building lean muscle
  • Reducing body fat
  • Nutrition
  • Supplementation
  • Improved Energy
  • Overall Well-being

Price: $199

Nutrition and Diet only Plan

A 6-Week Plan using proven methods to achieve your goals:

  • Provides Education and Motivation
  • Elminates the guesswork from nutrition and meal planning
  • Help you become accounable for your food intake
  • Supplementation

Price: $99


When I first met Phil I was close to 280lbs and had a severe back problem. I was as broken of a man as you could be at that point. I had been to two chiropractors and a orthopedic surgeon with little or no relief. Phil told me to trust him and the process, not to question, just do it and we will get through this together. I'm now 253lbs, my back is 100%!! and most of all I feel amazing and such a better quality of life. He has the unique ability to make you never want to let him down or disappoint him in any way. He also knows when to push you and when to give you a hug. I will be forever in his debt! I'm a client for life!

- C.J. Jones

I would not only highly recommend Phil and Pro Fitness Systems Inc. to others who have aspirations of competition or goals of becoming their physical best, I would say to them there is no better investment than yourself, your dreams, your health. It's my honest opinion that there is no better guide through your journey to improvement, with no better process than Phil Wescott of Pro Fitness Systems Inc.

- David Smith

I would recommend Phil to anyone wanting to take their fitness to the another level. Speaking to the “baby boomers” out there, it is NOT too late and Phil is the answer. You just need to understand how to train appropriately. I look forward to where Phil is going to take me into the future. I know this…it will be one incredible “Journey”

- Dave Gephard

For years, I have been a gym member. I workout out on a regular basis. Before I met Phil, I was struggling my nutrition, extreme fatigue, few too many extra pounds, I was a big coffee junkie, & sugar addict. (At that point, I struggled during the afternoon, without my afternoon coffee.) I had ventured out for assistance, and was not successful with the multiple ventures. I felt completely defeated. Then I met Phil. From the moment i met him, I knew he could help me. His energy and "we can do this together " attitude was contagious. He was patient, & took the time to educate me about nutrition. He showed me how to properly eat.I am now lighter in my weight, no longer dependent on my afternoon coffee, fatigue is gone, & I feel the best I have felt in years!! I know if any questions arise, he is always available. He is truly genuine, and is wanting me to succeed in my journey. I am forever grateful.

- Kourtney Jones